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"Let's Talk" - Group  Meetings

Bi-Weekly mentor meetings are offered for youth in middle and high school. These meetings are 1 hour and the topics will range from self-awareness, self-confidence and how we impact the world around us. We then discuss a business skill and the youth are then given an opportunity to perform the skill.

S.T.E.A.M. -Spring Break

S.T.E.A.M. is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. This event is aimed to bridge the technology gap.  


Hosted during summer break

Annual Youth Day


Each May, we celebrate the program participants and the progress they have made. This day kicks off with a community volunteering event for a cause they deem important to their community or generation. The entire event is organized by the youth including marketing, communication, sponsorship, location and theme.



 Volunteering Events

Volunteering not only develops the

characteristics of giving back & doing for others it also helps the youth identify areas in their community they are passionate about.

This is core to developing giving people who care for others. Check out our monthly event plans. 

Health and Wellness day


Our annual Health and Wellness day is focused on bringing attention to the benefits of healthy life style and fitness choices. 

This event hosted in December. 

Ready for Success 2018.jpg

Back to School  - Ready for Success


The goals of the Ready For Success Back to School event, is to ensure at risk youth are prepared with the resources, skills and support to be successful in their academic career.

These events are hosted in August.


College Ready 

Selecting a college or university is a very important process. There are alot of details and choices that have to be made. We then work with our high school students to determine what is important to them. For continued motivation for
academic excellence we offer scholastic achievement

Although we begin our annual College Ready series during the summer, the juniors and seniors take their university tour in November. 


Next Boss  Conference

Our future leaders need the tools and resources to ensure their success. During this 1/2 day conference, we introduce new and reinforce critical skills. Hosted each October, we present the youth with the skill to prepare them for the future choices they have to make. 

This event is for 8th-12th grade students only. 



Financial Literacy


Understanding how youth money choices impact your life is key to our youths' success. We build financial tools and learning into our yearlong program.


Future Leaders Annual Gala


This annual event provides an opportunity to the youth in the community to develop traditional social skills (engaging their community & peers) and dining etiquette while exposing them to a better way of life. This event offers a glimpse to what hard work, dedication and chasing your purpose can offer. 

Hosted the last Friday of each year.

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